Who is this particular Jennifer Levin?

Jennifer Levin lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her short fiction has appeared in The Iowa Review, Freight Stories, Twelve Stories, and THE Magazine. Her feature writing and reviews are published regularly in Pasatiempo, the weekly arts and culture magazine of the Santa Fe New Mexican. She holds a B.A. in creative writing from the College of Santa Fe, where she also worked for 11 years as the Editorial Director in the Marketing Department. Currently she does communications and web editing part-time for a local Catholic school, works for other assorted clients, naps with her dog, works on a novel, and waits for her husband to come home from work so they can enjoy finely crafted cocktails. Jennifer is a product of the Chicago public schools; she spent her teen years cavorting with street urchins. She is aware she shares a name with a murder victim, a lesbian novelist, a television producer, a casting director, and at least half a dozen lawyers. She is none of those people.